Iva Vranekovic

In Iva Vranekovic case unconfortable with social environment and guided by intuition, cloth hangers go on a journey of their own. Homeless, they change their aura with every new location (Zagreb-Pula-Helsinki-Zagreb) reminding a bare human scelet, and a human habbit not to see anything that lies beneath the surface of raw human reality. Iva`s works are based on minimalistic art. Hangers, everyday object without it`s basic function becomes an enigmatic object reflecting genius loci refering to the place where artist founds herself at that certain moment.


Installation | Iva Vranekovic (2008)

Iva Vranekovic,installation Silence,Art Gallery Split,Croatia.2009.dimensions variable

Hangers | Iva Vranekovic (2009)

Iva Vranekovic,installation,Hengers,Helsinki,2009.Dimensions variable.MUU & FAFA Gallery.

Hangers | Iva Vranekovic (2010)



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