The 55th Venice Biennale ,Pavilion of the Republic of Serbia

Vladimir Peric:

Only in the late 2000s did Vladimir Perić begin to author artworks under his given name; for ten years, he exhibited under the pseudonym “Talent” and as a member of the group “Talent Factory.” In his exhibitions, he frequently presents objects he has gathered, which have been discarded by others, without modifying them. He works with quotidian artifacts and personal paraphernalia, like photographs found in flea markets in Serbia. One of his best-known and most monumental works is the ongoing project called “Museum of Childhood” (begun 2006)—the work is comprised of toys, tools, and objects popular in households in the former Yugoslavia during his childhood. “Museum of Childhood” is also the first work Perić produced without using his pseudonyms.

His works have a very simple principle, which is collecting and classifying ceratin groups of objects, and producing a visual work bringing them into the art context. However this objects have all the visible prints of their time, and their past owners. Like in the case of the Mickey mouses, which where all produced by a single factory in Yugoslavia in 1968. His accumulations of found objects, mainly in flea markets work as three dimensional wallpapers as in his piece: the “Mickey Mouse Pattern”, or in the “Razorblade pattern”. In his work “Photo Safari”, Perić uses parts of used camera cases to emulate the figures of wild animals, playing with visual semantics.

Miloš Tomić:

(Belgrade, 1980) work revolves around music, specifically sound experimentation along with his three year old son as s self pre scripted therapy in “Musical Diaries” Errors are what drive him, he turns them into anything he wants, exploring the sounds of harmonicas, piano, saxophone, guitar and not being a trained musician. Both artists focus their attention on childhood, whether is by memory of their own or making their work a part of their lives and engaging their families, which is always comforting, they set this objects and situations into new contexts where collective and individual memory click, if it does, well good for you, if it doesn’t, well that is just not your kind of work.



IMG_0503 - Copia

Title : 3D Wallpaper for Bathroom (Razor blade pattern -2982 elements)

IMG_0483 - Copia


Title: Glory takes Time

IMG_0485 - Copia

Title :3D WALLPAPER FOR CHILDREN ROOM (Mickey Mouse -247 elements)


Title :3D WALLPAPER FOR CHILDREN ROOM (Mickey Mouse -247 elements)


Title : Photo Safari

sasasasasa        sasasa

Title: There is Nothing Between Us


Title : Tape Recorder’s Family




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