55th Venice Biennale ,Czech and Slovak Republic

Petra Feriancovà and Zbynèk Baladràn

Curator: Marek Pokorny
Commisioner: Monika Palcovà
Architect: Jan Studeny’
Layout: Adèla Svobodovà

Every archive bears traces of the past,updated by its present use. Every kind of sorting out and every index are arbitrary in relation to contents. However,whithout a basic “formal” operation an archive remains a mere collection of individual items,and we can never be sure about the connections between the individual elements. Without typology we get lost among the gathered material,and in the end a misleading piece might take over, a direct trace of what has been- and what is unutterable.
Postproduction is only an attempt to outwit what survives in our views.
The still the same place project is an affirmative as well as critical attempt to reflect the cultural-historical and psychological importance of Venice,usually sidelined by self-centred gestures of artist from the pavilions of partecipating countries and art presentations at the Biennale.



IMG_0543 - Copia - Copia


IMG_0545 - Copia - Copia





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