Hungarian Pavilion ,55th Venice Biennale


A video Installation by Zsolt Asztalos

Art exhibition- la Biennale di Venezia
Comissioner: Gàbor Gulyàs
Curator: Gabriella Uhl

Each Bomb has its own story. Which is essentially one of two kinds. Bombs may explode and thus fulfil their role as objects made specifically for the purpose of destruction,and then enter history book and the personal histories that families maintain.
Zsolt Asztalos in his turn look into the other posible story in an installation Art Exhibition in Venice: the story of the malfunctioning device (unexploded bomb) as it leaves behind its original function,assumes a life of its own, starts writing a narrative,becomes a director of our lives through the contingency it introduces. It stays with us humans as it generates and sym is an simbolizes conflicts among us.
It is an object of mercy, a threat,or a memorial. In Asztalos’s video installation,unexploded bombs are revealed to have several functions and fields of interpretation.







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