Synthetic Nature by Vlad Tenu

Exhibition ‘synthetic nature currently’ currently on show at Surface Gallery London, features a collection of prototypes born through holistic architectural design research into the genesis of form and space. The show will run until the october 18th, 2013.
He self-organization of matter, conservation of energy, equilibrium and notions of minimal complexity are concepts that drive the creative process – a symbiotic mix of design, art and science. The analogy with the molecular behavior of soap bubbles informs the research, which involves nature-inspired algorithms, mathematical relationships  and geometrical constraints. Focusing on periodic minimal surfaces, the design process challenges the concepts of multi-dimensional symmetry and repetition, creating modular continuous surfaces that are infinitely expandable.



alveolata 3.7.a

alveolata 3.7.a


alveolata 3.7.a

synthetic nature is an instance of my explorative research into spatiality, scale and materiality; all with deep roots in my architectural background. the work has transcended those levels by creating artifacts that are interpretable and adaptable to anything from jewellery, fashion, product design and interiors, architecture to fine art. algorithmic and geometrical concepts generate surface to volume morphologies that are blurring the boundaries between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’, between ‘solid’ and ‘transparent’ or between ‘natural’ and ‘synthetic’ – blended into abstract hybrid species.’ – vlad tenu


nucleotida 3.7.a


nucleotida 3.7.a



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