Tanya Ahmetgalieva

“My room”
Series (Textiles, Embroidery, Sewing)
2012 — Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland

The series of works where I can find myself, this is my personal space where I’m thinking about, reflecting on, looking for… Memories about the past and dreams about the future dwell here. I interweave old fragments of my dreams with heared phrases, sense of rhythm, old secrets, phases of movement. I dig up and reveal hidden meaning, create the shells and fill the gaps and hollow spaces. I put a questions and transform my reality.

My room — is a magic space, inner empire, my asylum, where I can be myself, where I can feel myself in safety, where I can create. Only here I can hear my inner voice and see dreams…

Is this room real or it is just a myth in my past? Probably, I’m looking for it, for this abandoned Paradise that is left in my home of childhood.




Whisper, 2011
7 parts 100X100cm
Textiles, Embroidery, Sewing

Embroidered in fluorescent green threads on a black canvas background, a naive drawing of a face, hands, a smile, and screams is glowing in the dark. As though taken from a school exercise book and magnified multiple times, the spontaneous picture is reminiscent of childhood fears, when blurred sounds and shadows make up a scary fantasy in a dark room. “I know that the spectators will find it frightening. Nevertheless, I do not aim to scare anyone, it just happens,” Tatiana Akhmetgalieva admits.

Textile is a material well known in contemporary art for its ready-made and tactile qualities. Even if textile is traditionally considered a feminine material, that is not quintessential for Tatiana Akhmetgalieva. What more, it is important to her not only because of her professional training in the field of textile art. She studied at the Textile Department of the Alexander von Stieglitz Art and Industry Academy in Saint Petersburg.





The chrysalis phase, 2009
2 monumental parts 190 x 1040 сm,
Textiles, embroidery, sewing, threads, ball of threads

2010 — Kandinsky prize, short list, Central Arts House, Moscow.

2009 solo exhibition, Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, “START” the platform for the young artists, 3 Moscow biennale of contemporary art, Moscow.

The idea of a thread has got quite a wide range of meanings. In archaic myths the thread very often plays a role of a universal connecting element or the whole life metaphor. All of us are connected to each other by numerous threads, all of us constitute a part of one great picture, all of us have a common mysterious task. The symbol of thread initiate such an idea of art which contains potential possibility to join, darn our disassembling world, prove human existence, lead a person out of the Maze to salutary freedom.

The idea of thread expresses this connection which makes our world united harmonious wholeness, keeps until the right time in its cocoons a bright miracle of life, takes place in DNA molecules connections and in an umbilical cord, connecting a mother and her baby, supposes spiritual people’s connection. Being a certain form of life metaphor, the thread defines features of real wholeness of existence.






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