David Maljkovic – Sources in the Air (2013)

For Sources in the Air, David Maljkovic (Rijeka, Croatia, 1973) presents an overview of his practice from the last ten years. The spectres of modernism – its politics and aesthetics – loom over and inform this multi-faceted oeuvre consisting of sculpture, collage, painting, drawing, and architectural mises-en-scène. The exhibition focuses attention on the artist’s varied artistic strategies and experiences, as well as addressing and problematising the act of exhibition making itself. In this exhibition, we are encouraged to get lost and enjoy it!
Taken as a whole this will be the artist’s most comprehensive survey to date. Trained at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and now living in Zagreb, Maljkovic has exhibited extensively internationally.

While Sources in the Air presents an overview of the artist’s practice (including the Scene for New Heritage trilogy – an epic series of films, drawing and collages that is an important element of the Van Abbemuseum’s collection) the exhibition lends equal space to the radical new way Maljkovic has begun to conceive and execute exhibitions.

The artist has continually sought to create a new relationship (or even tension) between how we look at, recollect and understand the world around us. In earlier pieces, this was done through the lens of his native Croatia and its history as part of socialist Yugoslavia. Here, many of the artists, architects and avant-garde figures associated with the country’s alternative modernism, allowed Maljkovic to both reassess and reactivate their vision and politics. For Maljkovic, looking back to the past becomes a device to better understand the present. The desire to re-read and look again has come to play an increasingly important part in Maljkovic’s approach to his own work with the last two years marking a distinct departure in how the artist constructs the space for a viewer.







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