Kawarga Dmitry

‘The attempts to understand the way I think led me to the idea of a possibility to visualize the thinking process. Then I began to materialize my thoughts themselves.’ (Dmitry Kawarga)

Russian artist Dmitry Kawarga likes to see himself as an experimental research scientist. In his work, he deals with the main tool of all the arts and humanities: the thinking process itself. What is normally a means to an end, he turns into the end itself.

Kawarga, a profoundly conceptual artist, calls himself a radical of biological morphs. By creating three-dimensional projections of fragments of abstract thought forms, streams of consciousness, thinking processes, fragments of perception and reflexes, he materializes the non-haptic phenomena and makes the unseen visible. However abstract, the biomorphic forms appear natural and real.

For his sculptures Kawarga uses polymer plastic, a highly malleable medium that allows extremely detailed nuances of shape, edge and texture. His work ‘Diffusion of Form – Creation’ confirms Kawarga’s mastery of the visual language of his materials. In the process of metamorphosis, his ‘thought form’ – unconstrained by the limits of the artist’s imagined topography of thought – seems to be crystallized for the moment into a static state.

His working process – the research and experiments – has a scientific touch and his installations remind one of a laboratory set-up. When it comes to the meaning of it, however, Kawarga’s sculptures are pure artifacts completely free of rationality. They do not require the viewer to analyze the created visual image, but develop new thinking processes and invisible psycho-physiological mechanisms.

‘Thought, after all, may be physically formless, but it has its own emotional coherence generated by a virtual human subject.’ (Joel Simpson)










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