Jivko Sedlarski

The sculptures of Jivko Sedlarski are progressions, forms that proliferate, and apparently mock the laws of gravity, which highlights another feature – the contrast between the actual weight and the apparent lightness of the work. In fact, it is the first one that supports the second one, which allows the artist to push its forms beyond the point where the balance would normally be broken. The result is a sense of mystery and almost of danger, which adapts very well to some lyrical touches (think of the light blue plates that crown his admirable “Breton sky”). In sum, it is a vision at the same time strong, fragile and intriguin.

It is sometimes said that there exist two kinds of sculptures –the one of mass and the one of movement. This division is certainly simplistic, but by being conformed to it, even provisionally, we are led without hesitation to classify the work of Jivko Sedlarski in the second category. In fact, if the term “kinetic” did not already have a precise and limited sense, it would be tempting to apply it to his work – not because it moves, but because it breathes and expresses the notion of movement.


2010, thermo lacquered steel, H – 86 cm.
Private Collection – LONDON / ENGLAND


2010, thermo lacquered steel, H – 78 cm.
(Private Collection Burgas / Bulgaria)


2009, steel peinted, H – 1, 30 m.
Private Collection – Paris



2009, stainles steel, H – 3, 20 m.


2013, brass, 163 cm.


2013, brass, 163 cm.




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