LAUBA: Alem Korkut ”About the Line” 31 January – 8 March 2014

Croatian Art Today is a series of solo exhibitions focusing on the swift presentation of contemporary Croatian artistic production. This format has become Lauba’s trademark. After a number of successful exhibitions by various artists, including Zlatan Vehabović, Lovro Artuković, Ivana Franke, Kristian Kožul, Kristina Lenard, Bruno Pogačnik, Viktor Popović and Marko Tadić, the series will be continued by artist Alem Korkut’s first solo exhibition in Lauba.

”Everyone leaves traces behind them. Sometimes it is the traces of wet feet, a perfume, a good mood, influence on the environment or something different. Sometimes the traces are meaningful and long-lasting, sometimes they are barely visible, and sometimes we become aware of them only after some time has passed. These traces, no matter which category they belong to, establish relations of sorts with traces left by other people. We can say that each of us has created whole complicated webs of different relations with different people. When presented graphically, they form complicated drawings of random movements in which it is difficult to recognize a system or form.” Alem Korkut used these words to introduce his works, created between 2002 and 2014, which will be presented as a part of the exhibition entitled About the Line. The drawings included in this exhibition, metaphorically compared to life, astound by their very existence. They ask questions to which the viewer must provide answers. The exhibition space is thus turned into a polygon for the search for answers.

ALEM KORKUT was born in Travnik in 1970. He enrolled at the study of sculpture in Sarajevo in 1991. He graduated from the Art Academy in Zagreb in 1997. He authored a number of public sculptures, including the sculptures Karijatida in Pazin (2002), a bicycle memorial in Koprivnica (2005), the memorial to fallen soldiers of the Homeland war in Šibenik (2006) and in Karlovac (2009).






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