Dan Perjovschi

Dan Perjovschi is an itinerant worker in the visual arts, his platform: the walls, windows, and floors of museums and art galleries around the world, where he translates observations from politics, media, art, and everyday life to a mixture of line drawings and graffiti. As a commentary on a world of excess, he uses minimal means to engage a broad field of references. In so doing, his aesthetic of reticence has remained the same for years, large letters or stick figures in black and white. His tools are sketchbooks, markers, chalk, newspaper, and the Internet, which he uses to develop new ideograms and drawings and stage them as large social panoramas.
The roots of his art can be traced back to the social and political transformations of his home country Romania. After the end of the Ceausescu dictatorship 1989.
His artworks are only planned for a limited time. When they disappear by being overpainted, they reveal what they are about: current affairs and the performance of an activist sense of humor. The ephemeral is what remains.
Dan Perjovschi’s drawings provoke many questions. What has happened? Who is speaking? Where do the figures come from? In what society do they live? What struggles do they face? Are they our shadows?


HK Perjovschi 3



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