Jagna Ciuchta

Jagna Ciuchta, born in Poland, is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Montreuil and Paris, France. She graduated as a painter from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, Poland and she has participated in many residency programs.

Ciuchta’s wide ranging protean practice is process based and deals with issues of display, art institution, representation, originality, archives and documentation relating to her own work, as well as collaborations, invitations, subcontracting other artists or even including their arts works. She is interested by the meaning of exhibition/exposition (as to strip, to be exposed to external effects) applied into the situation of being an artist.





Jagna Ciuchta’s recent work has focused on a critical observation of the institutional principals that determine how artworks should be presented, as well as the actual forms created by this presentation (wall hanging partitions, plinths, scenographic choice, documentation).
Eat the Blue is a constantly moving exhibition device, developed by the artist for use by other artists. Jagna Ciuchta indeed invites twenty artists to progressively occupy the space that will have been defined beforehand in the simplest way possible: several blocks of white and uncut polystyrene. Little by little the artists will transform this receptacle, responding to the evolution of its content, and in relation to their needs. Without curatorship or scenography, the protocol set down by Jagna Ciuchta aims to make some work, with the collaboration of others.
An internet site is be set up for the exhibition : eattheblue.com
As the artworks created by the artists invited begin to emerge, and the variations on their positioning within the space become apparent, Jagna Ciuchta documents each stage of the exhibition, which will never be the same.

Artists invited:
Stéphane Bérard, Renaud Bézy, Julien Bouillon, Rada Boukova, Paul Branca, Guillaume Durrieu, David Evrard, Julie Favreau, David Horvitz, Emmanuelle Lainé, Vincent Lefaix, Ingrid Luche, Colombe Marcasiano, Cécile Noguès, Babeth Rambault, Samir Ramdani, Shanta Rao, Vanessa Safavi, Katharina Schmidt, Clémence Seilles, France Valliccioni, Julie Vayssière.

Eat the Blue is part of the exhibition Singularités partagées au 116 center for contemporary art at Montreuil (Paris). Curated by Marlène Rigler.




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