Ledia Kostandini

Tirana-based artist & illustrator Ledia Kostandini (b. Pogradec, 1983) studied Fine Art at the National Academy of Arts, Albania. Ledia is mainly focused on mixed media art, and has produced numerous pieces, often combining several techniques or materials. Her works provoke ambiguous emotional reactions in visitors, like nostalgia and imagination which mingle curiosity…or surprise and humor. Concerned with transition and social transformations, Ledia utilizes her life experience for arriving to conclusions. Often she uses her artwork as an instrument to go back and forward in time. Contacting her childhood, she reconsiders past and present national issues. Her interest in site specific installations subsequently led to a further development of her skills, producing numerous pieces across Albania. They dominate and transform the spaces, making people engage with them in new ways. Ledia plays with what the reality provides turning space and public into essential features of these interactive artworks.

“Falling Blocks”



mg_3151dscn5091”Domino Effect”




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