ART COLOGNE 2014 – Gandy gallery

Gandy gallery is pleased to announce its participation at ART COLOGNE 2014.
Preview 9 April  - Stand E-041
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.
We will be reachable at the fair via +421 915203082 or +49-176 55455754
Gandy gallery
Sienkiewiczova 4
Bratislava - Slovakia

Orshi Drozdik (Hungary),Series Lipstick Paintings A’la (Lucio) Fontana, 2000/06 lipstick paintings on canvas.

Danica Dakic (Bosnia and Herzegovina),SAFE FRAME III, 2012 C-Print on aluminum, 100 x 150 cm Edition 5 +2 A.P.
In her films, photographs, video and sound installations, Dakić examines the corporeal and political parameters of language and identity. The social and cultural shaping of roles, as well as the way roles are adopted and articulated, are central motifs in her art.

Vaclav Stratil(Czech Republic),4+1,1997.85x100cm photography.edition 1

Adam Vackar(Czech Republic) SPUTNIK BLACK,2006 resin, black Mercedes-Benz paint, 37 x 300 cm.edition N’2/3 The sculpture, inspired by the Russian satellite Sputnik, the first man-made satellite to be sent into Earth’s orbit, is painted in original Mercedes-Benz black paint. The sculpture, Sputnik Black, implies several merged layers of interpretation: it reveals and questions the phenomena of the transition from the Communist utopia (the first human satellite, which burnt up in the Earth’s atmosphere) to consumption culture and its totalitarian Nazi past (Mercedes-Benz paint), as well as questioning the status of a piece of art in the contemporary logic of art-marketing.
Lipstick Paintings Ala Fontana Tagli 2004———————————–Series Lipstick Paintings A’la (Lucio) Fontana, 2000/06 ————————————
DAKIC1———————————————SAFE FRAME III (2012) ————————————————-
vaclav_stratil_4_2 ————————————-    4+1,(1997)   ————————————–
sputnik_black--———————— SPUTNIK BLACK,(2006) —————————-



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