The group subreal was founded in 1990 in Bucharest.Today its mem- bers are also active in Berlin and the Netherlands,
its permanent members being Cälin Dan (born in 1955) and Iosif Király (born in 1954). The expressive media of the group are photography,video,installations,and performances.The groupcame into existence after the fall of the Ceausescu regime in December 1989. Subreal works under a postsocialist zero degree of existence.In the historically and existentially emptied space of Balkan postsocialism,there is no difference between art and culture.
The group doesn’t create artworks or an art world.Under these peculiar circumstances, it makes use of the consumed traces of society, culture, and art, of public and private identities. The sense of their works is not determined by an ontological order of art, but by the powers of organizing language games as the vital activity of the artist.
Thus,subreal is an activity or practice of creating and producing art as a postponed expression,as a failure of understanding of the original sense. Its work appeared as a reaction to its unique existential environment. The project East-West Avenue,realized in Bucharest in August 1990,for example,points to the geopolitical position of Romania between the East and the West,manifests the artists’ wish to cross from the East to the West,and ironically imitates the megalomaniac avenues built by the Romanian dictator Ceausescu.

Book :Postmodernism and the Postsocialist Condition: Politicized Art Under Late Socialism
University of California Press, 2003 ,Aleš Erjavec

subREAL. “Communication 1:1 (Draculaland 5),” 1994, video-installation. Ernszt Museum, Budapest.

1.Alimentara_1_catsubREAL. “Alimentara,” February 1991, installation detail, refrigerator with cabbage and spinach, jars, bottles.
Orizont Gallery, Bucharest.
subREAL. “Alimentara,” February 1991, installation detail, pyramid made of jars with pickled vegetables. Orizont Gallery, Bucharest.

6.dataroom_catsubREAL. “A. H. A. Deconstruction Art” (Art History Archive, Lesson 3), 1995

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